Greetings from Green Light

Hi all!

Today was my first day at Green Light New Orleans. My position is the Assistant Membership Coordinator at Green Light New Orleans–an environmental non profit that works on sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint in the greater New Orleans area. This basically means I will be assisting the Director of Development in fundraising and development goals. Some examples of those tasks are promotional events, running the membership program, and finding new sources of donations/funding. Green Lights main task since its birth in 2007 has been installing energy efficient light bulbs in residents homes. I volunteered with GLNO through my sorority in the winter of 2013 and loved the organization, its mission, and its design. I knew I wanted to work for them, so I hopped on the opportunity this summer.

My first day went great. I was definitely overdressed but relieved to look around and see the more casual-yet-professional apparel of my coworkers. I am happy to dress it down. Since it was only my first day, I do not have a huge amount to report back, but I thought I would take the time to tell you guys about the history of GLNO. Green Light was started by Andreas Hoffman. Andreas, originally from Switzerland, was touring with his band in Europe and decided he needed to do something to offset the carbon footprint his band had created due to their tour. After some calculations and generous donations from friends, Andreas returned to New Orleans and replaced friends and neighbors light bulbs with the energy efficient CFL bulbs. Word got out and more friends and even strangers asked him to do the same in their homes. From there, Green Light was born! This organization was a happy accident and indeed, happy it was! So far, Green Light has replaced bulbs in 23,000 homes, saved 23 million dollars in monthly utility costs, and greatly decreased the carbon footprint of these homes and the city of New Orleans. Today I met with my supervisor Rachel. After going over the details of the internship we went through tasks and jobs I would be responsible for this summer. It was fun, productive, and informative to talk about these tasks and trade ideas. Be on the look out for promotions of the 10% night at The Blue Jeans Bar (date to be determined)–my first task!!

I will check back in at the end of the week with more details about my first week and my objectives for the summer.

Thanks for reading!


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