Eat Local Challenge Kicking-off June 1st

Hi Everyone,

Well my internship doesn’t officially start until next week when I am back in the country, but I’m getting more and more excited everyday! The NOLA Locavores are hosting their 4th annual Eat Local Challenge this summer, where participants who registered are challenged to consume food products that have only been grown and produced within a 200 mile radius of New Orleans. The challenge is difficult, and lasts for the entire month of June.

I personally participated last June in a series of events our organization hosted to encourage local eating throughout the city of New Orleans, which is pretty lucky place to be eating local if you ask me. I look forward to pushing myself to be even more local this time around, even though I can’t say I’ll be able to follow a strict 100% local diet like the hard core people that come out every year. There are so many wonderful reasons to eat locally sourced food, which I plan to go into detail about in a later post.

ELC 2014 on Facebook!

Will report more when I’m back on the ground in NOLA, until then, get your appetites warmed up!



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