First week Re-cap!

Hello again!

I have finished my first week with Green Light! I only work Monday-Thursdays and this Monday was Memorial Day, so it was quite a short week. I have really enjoyed my first week. By the looks of it I am definitely going to be getting lots of experience with fundraising and campaigning. Both things I am hoping to learn more about in my learning objectives. Stated simply, my learning objectives are pretty concise. I want to learn effective vocabulary, language, and tools to help gain attention and support in fundraising. I want to practice and observe effective office communication techniques. This will be my first time working in an office setting and I am hoping to learn effective tools of communication, especially between superiors and those who work under them. Finally, since I am working for an environmental non profit, I am hoping to learn techniques to make my lifestyle more environmentally friendly! I am conscious of how my actions impact the environment, but I think there is a lot I can learn to make my behaviors more impactful.

Im looking forward to working on the projects I have ahead. My work will be focused around writing campaigns to promote different fundraising efforts and to find local businesses, organizations, and individuals to partner with and help us continue to help people and the city of New Orleans.

Thats all for now!


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