A day of work at the ballpark

I’ve just wrapped up my first week interning with the New York Mets, and all I can say is that there’s nothing like working in a baseball stadium.

I arrived at Citi Field on my first day at 10 a.m. for an intern orientation. The Mets had an off-day, so things were quiet around the stadium, and I walked through the empty and dark concourse toward the offices in right field. It’s a very weird feeling to walk alone through a stadium that seats 45,000 people. During this orientation, I learned general information about the Mets’ Front Office, the role and responsibilities of interns, proper etiquette/behavior, etc. I, along with the 11 other interns, was then given a tour of the facility (the stadium and the offices/work space), and later placed with my department — Ticket Office.

The Mets began a 9-game homestand on my second day, and I was put to work immediately. When I arrived at 9 am, things were already very busy around the stadium, as everybody rushed to prepare the stadium for the Mets’ 7:05 p.m. game against the Los Angeles Dodgers. My first work included mailing tickets, preparing ticket exchanges, updating the sales board, learning how to use ticketing computer programs, inputting information in spreadsheets, etc. Prior to the game, I received my meal card, and immediately went to town on a Shake Shack burger. The concession stands at Citi Field are top-notch.

I had initially thought that once the game began I would pretty much watch the whole thing, as I am a huge baseball fan. But during the game, I was so busy delivering gift packages to suites, and season ticket holders and group ticket holders in their seats, that I didn’t watch the game at all. Still, it was incredible to work inside the stadium while a game occurred. Though the Mets are….struggling, the crowd was loud and full of energy, and it made the work environment laid back and stress free.

As the week went, I gained some new game day responsibilities/work and projects, and though I worked long, long days, I really enjoyed my first week interning with the Mets. I’m really looking forward to my upcoming weeks of working at the ballpark!


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