Digitizing Food Access Information

Last week I started my internship with Development Services International, an NGO that focuses on analytics and mapping to address social issues. I am the Sustainable Urbanization intern for the summer, based in New Orleans.

My first map will consist of all of the food banks in New Orleans, providing easy access to information about where they are located and their hours. I’m excited for all the new skills that I’m going to learn this summer and that my internship will result in a tangible resource for lower income families.

My first foray into the organization was a meeting with a local farmer, David Young, in theLower Ninth Ward. David has 26 plots of farmland in the city, and shared his wealth of knowledge about growing in the area and dealing with logistical issues. I got a better sense of what providing fresh food for low-income residents really entails. David showed us around a few of his plots, including one with honey bees! I actually had one bee that kept following me down the street and wouldn’t leave me alone – I was glad to be wearing a hat with a net covering my face!




– Becca Greaney


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