I Love the Experience

Hey Everyone,

I have been a little late to post, but this internship has me insanely busy. So here is what has happened to me so far. I started my internship mid-May, and I have been working 8 hours every weekday. I make cold calls to businesses that will benefit from advertising to Tulane students. So far I have made a little over 10k in sales. I love this internship because I’m not sitting behind a desk all day crunching numbers. I’m out and about meeting business owners all day and having good conversations with many of them. Being in sales makes you open up to people, and it teaches you how to get others to open up to you. I have been offered a few jobs and also another internship in Marketing. This internship has made me change my professional goals. There is a big possibility that I will want to do this in the future. It can be challenging when I don’t get a sale, but its super intrinsically rewarding when I do. I know I worked hard to get the sale. I’m not sure if I could say that about being an accountant, which was my original plan. This internship also partners with career partners that monitor my progress and could potentially offer me a job. That would be amazing. I am starting to see the light at the end of the college tunnel. So in this internship we are divided by regions and I am in fifth place out of all of the schools in the South. Pretty cool huh?

That is all I have for now.


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