Halfway Point at Fit NOLA

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Hey everyone,

I’m nearing the halfway point here at my summer internship with Fit NOLA, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to end in 4 weeks, as they’ve just asked me to continue this Fall! I think I will definitely try to fit that into my class schedule because I’ve actually gotten the chance to put my public health knowledge to work here, and I feel like I often am learning a lot more here than I do during a normal class.

Over the past couple of weeks, my main responsibility has been to completely re-do their newsletter. I met with the IT department and created a template for it on contactology.com. I was required to update their database and contact Fit NOLA’s partners with requests for logos/fliers for their events to include in the Newsletter. After putting the whole thing together, I had to receive approval from the head of the Department of Health before sending it out. Overall, the newsletter reached about 500 people. If you click this link, you can see the final result: http://clicks.skem1.com/preview/?c=15553&g=15737&p=243f75a2428bed084e335ec4c6ed8f80.

As part of my internship, I am also responsible for communicating with the sector chairs who lead the sectors I am in charge of – the community sector and the early childhood sector. I’ve just started communications with them, and soon I will set up a meeting with them so that we can talk about goals for the sectors this quarter. I will then help them lead the meeting with each sector group. This should be pretty interesting because my bosses allowed me to pick the sectors I was most interested in, so I’ll get to communicate with a lot of professionals that have similar interests to mine. I hope this will provide some good network opportunities when the time comes!

Today, I finally found some free time (which felt weird). The newsletter, although not that complex, was very tedious, since we had never used that program before. So, I asked my supervisor for some stuff to do, and she decided that to combine my majors of Public health and Spanish, I should do some translating for them! So, I am going to begin translating the newsletter into Spanish. Other than that, I am still helping my supervisors work on putting together a memo and letter of intent for a grant we are applying for (that they’ve let me basically name and create)!

If you guys haven’t seen the facebook page for Fit NOLA, take a look and LIKE IT!!! https://www.facebook.com/FitNola?ref_type=bookmark

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