A day of work at the ballpark – part 2

I just wrapped up a very busy July 4th weekend of work, and I’m about to begin a seven game homestand starting tomorrow….but I’m ready to go and I’ve got tons to write about!

Working in the sports industry is similar in many ways to playing a sport, in that it is impossible to predict. I’ve been interning in the New York Mets ticket office for more than 6 weeks now, and every day I’m presented with something new and unique. Whether it be paperwork, gameday responsibilities, etc., the work is always different and I always have to be prepared to do the unexpected.

photo (1)

Recently, I was involved in the organization and management of a Match.com “Singles Mingle” event at the stadium during a game. My responsibilities included working with Match.com to set up the event and make sure everything ran smoothly. It doesn’t sound like the typical “ticket office work,” but as I said, one must always be prepared to do the unexpected when working in the ticket office!

July 4th weekend was, of course, very busy and the days were long, but there was no better way to spend it than at the ballpark! The Mets begin a seven game homestand Monday, and though I can’t predict what work/events will be coming my way….I’m ready for anything!

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