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(Was originally published on July 5th, but was deleted)

It’s been almost a full month at my internship, and my goals are now clearly defined and I’m learning a lot. My end goal is to create a searchable map feature to be dispersed over the internet. The map will pinpoint places to access food – including food banks, pantries, community gardens etc. My hope is that this tool will alleviate some of the stress of finding the next meal. There is currently no digital database through which people can find this sort of information, and with the irregular hours of opening of many of these access areas, it can be difficult for people to find food when they are most in need.

So far I have familiarized myself with a few mapping softwares, including Open Street Map and ArcGIS, to determine which will suit the project best. I’m learning a skill that I believe will be extremely useful in my future education and career. Mapping and knowledge of geographic software is a desirable skill in the urban planning and environmental sector. I’m thankful that I get to dedicate my summer to learning this valuable skill!

I feel good about the work that I am doing this summer, as I hope that it will serve indefinitely as a beneficial resource for those in need. I’m also learning a lot about urbanization and sustainable development through suggested articles and individual research on the topics. I’m able to educate myself through managing the DevSI social media pages and posting(reading) interesting articles.

Overall everything is going swimmingly, and I’m happy to have a clear, achievable goal for the end of the summer.

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