Goodbye, from Green Light!

I cannot believe my internship is over! This summer has moved way too quickly. I am so happy about my time at Green Light, and all I was able to accomplish. I wanted to learn about the strategic of fundraising and more about the day to day logistics of running a non profit. I definitely accomplished my first learning goal. All of my tasks were fundraising and development related. I got to plan and promote a percent night at the Blue Jeans Bar where we raised money through a percentage of profits that evening. I also spearheaded three promotional campaigns—reaching out to friends and family about Good Search (a charitable search engine that donates money to your organization of choice), reaching out to small businesses about partnerships and sponsorships, and writing a membership renewal letter to our existing members asking them to renew for the 2014-2015 year. So far—we have had quite a few membership renewals and made $350! I am very proud of that. I also asked to sit in on a couple staff meetings to that was helpful to get an eye into the staff discussions and logistics they deal with on a daily basis.

Going from here, I hope to stay connected to Green Light. First off, I hope to go back and visit the team at Green Light often. Also, I want to organize some students to volunteer with Green Light. The work they do has had such a great impact on this city and our plant (see my first post for statistics) and I want to contribute to that effort more. Hopefully through philanthropy with my sorority!

Because I am so experienced after my 8 weeks (ha!) I will give out some advice for any future/potential GLNO interns. I would say do not be afraid to ask questions about things you are curious about and make sure to take every chance you can to talk and brainstorm with the other staff members. Everyone is so friendly and smart—it was great to work off their energy and ideas.

I really enjoyed my time at Green Light and was proud of the work the organization does and the work I was able to do to contribute to that.

Thanks for reading my blog, enjoy the rest of your summer!


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