Final Reflection on My Time at Peace Corps


I completed all four of my learning goals for this summer. I created well over 4 MRE Data Tools for Peace Corps, attended 25 professional development workshops put on by Peace Corps and/or other agencies, spoke with 5 professionals in the field of international development and read two Programming and Training manuals from the PC Knowledge and Learning Unit. In addition to completing my specific goals I worked on many other projects throughout my internship experience including: research, preparing materials for PC workshops, graphic design and Standard Sector Indicator revisions.

I will continue to use the knowledge I learned, through my internship experience, to enhance my education at Tulane. I understand how the fundamentals taught in my classes apply to real world experiences and situations. This has also shown me how important learning the fundamentals are.

I have only scratched the surface of monitoring and evaluation as a field through my internship. I hope to learn more about the different processes within M&E and continue to learn more about data analysis, data-driven decision making and application. My experience at Peace Corps has opened my eyes to a new side of international development that could be a very interesting career path in the future.
If a student is interested in getting an internship in this field I would suggest network, network, network. It pays to know people and sometimes that means either getting the job or not. I have learned how competitive international development jobs are and how useful it can be to make connections.
​In general, my view of social justice has been reinforced. My beliefs have not changed but rather strengthened. It is our civic duty to engage the world’s problems and to provide sustainable solutions as a citizen of the world. My internship has provided great insight into effective change, leadership and civic engagement.

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