Goodbye Boston

It’s sad to say but summer is coming to an end. It is ridiculous to think that I have been working here at Dana-Farber for over two months. It is safe to say this summer is going to be hard to beat. So many adventures, so many new friends, and to top it all of, I have learned more about Ovarian Cancer than I ever thought I would. The research was unbelievable. This opportunity taught me how to perform protein assays, Western Blots, Immunofluorescence, siRNA knockdown, and proliferation assays. Within each of these I learned so many little techniques and tricks-of-the-trade. I mean, just learning proper aseptic technique for cell culturing was interesting. Hopefully I’ll be able to use my new skills in the labs at school. The project as a whole did have some progress. We were able to successfully identify a protein that is translated and secreted by Ovarian Cancer cells and not by healthy Fallopian Tube cells. Based on previous knowledge, this is the first step to finding an early detection biomarker for Ovarian Cancer. I was also able to located where within the cells this protein resides. Interestingly it is highly developed so there is going to be some more work done with this project once I leave. Unfortunately my last few experiments didn’t work out so well so someone else will have to repeat them.

I did speak to my principal investigator and he said that these results are going to make their way into a paper so good news is I will be publishing a paper, which is something I never thought would be possible in just one summer. This has definitely taught me to never slow down. Also keep persevering because in the end it will reward you. It may take longer at some times but giving up will 100% lead to nowhere.

As for Boston, can I say that it is a great place to live! There are so many college students everywhere and the city is just so full of adventures. I was able to go to all the suburbs and explore. I made it to the North End to have dinner in little Italy. I walked around Harvard Square and tried candlepin bowling for the first time. If you ever have a chance to come up here I would definitely recommend the bowling because it was a blast. Since my last post I also made it to New York City and Maine. New York was wild. I’ve only every been there one other time but I don’t remember it too well. The city was packed and people were moving fast just as I pictured. Maine was incredible. The mountains were beautiful and the people were so nice. I went to a friend’s house up by Bar Harbor and went hiking in Acadia National Park. The hikes were a bit intense. The first day we did a 7-mile hike over 5 mountains. It was nothing too intense, just long. The second day, we did a very scary hike. We basically walked on a foot of rock directly next to a 500-foot cliff for about 1.5 miles. I was petrified but in the end we made it out all right.

I’m sad to say I am leaving but it’s time to head back to Florida and then New Orleans next week. Thank you to everyone who helped me with this summer for making it possible. This was truly an experience I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Hope to be back one day. Signing off!

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