Half way done

I can hardly believe it’s already been four weeks here in Boston. I’ve already had an amazing time and I still have another month and a half left. Last week my friend and I went to the North Shore to a small beach town called Marble Head. It was absolutely beautiful. Beaches and harbors for miles. We went to visit a friend of ours and stay on her boat in Salem Harbor. That was quite the experience. We stayed up all night on the harbor and slept in the boat’s cabin. It was some fifty-year-old wooden boat… very cool.

Two weeks later we were off on another adventure. It was my first time ever going to the Hamptons. An old friend of mine had invited us out to her mansion with a dozen other people for Fourth of July weeks. I had never seen a house like this. She had literally everything you could think of: pool, tennis court, bachi ball, chipping greens, putt-putt, and waterslide. We sat around by the pool all weekend and had an endless supply of good ol’ American Barbeque. It was really great seeing her cause it has definitely been a while. She was actually a Tulane student also but graduated this past year. Definitely a memory I would never forget.

Now I know it’s the reason I came to Boston, so I should probably fill you in about my summer internship. The research job has been going great. I have almost complete autonomy. I would say about 90%. I get to make my own hours, run my own tests, and determine the direction of the project. It’s a lot of responsibility but I definitely love the challenge. My problem is that I know my expectations are probably unrealistic. I would love to do everything but time is just a factor I can’t control. I am going to try and do as much as I can though in the next six weeks. I don’t remember if I spoke about my research in the last posting but the project I am working on is an Ovarian Cancer Biomarker project. My job is to do background literature searches on each of 50 different proteins found to be in Ovarian Cancer lines and purchase antibodies that I can use to study each of the proteins I’m interested in. Originally, I started with three proteins but my list has now grown to six. I ran western blots for each of the proteins in order to determine if the Ovarian Cancer cell lines we have in stock are expressing the proteins of interest. A western blot works by growing up cell lines and extracting proteins from the cells, which are then loaded into wells of a gel. Once set up, an electric current is applied to drag the proteins through the gels. Each protein moves at a different rate based on their size. A molecular ladder is used to determine the size of the proteins. The proteins are then transferred onto a membrane, which can then be probed with different antibodies that recognize each specific protein. Membranes are exposed to chemoluminescence cameras and the image is then analyzed and recorded. So far I have done half of the proteins so I still have some more to do. Overall, this project is getting more interesting everyday and I cant wait to see what’s going to happen in the next few weeks. Thanks for reading… Until next time!

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