My internship with the Democratic Coordinated Campaign was a really amazing experience. I learned so much in such a short time and I’m really proud to say that I’m going to continue learning. My Regional Field Director offered me a full time position as the field organizer for my part of the state and I happily accepted. I’ll definitely miss Tulane for the fall semester, but I’m also incredibly excited about this career opportunity.

Hard at work! (And making an appearance on the campaign blog )

Hard at work! (And making an appearance on the campaign blog )

As I was hoping to, I learned a lot about careers in politics, especially because I am beginning one! I feel very comfortable with talking to any strangers, getting yelled at on the phone, and planning events for the campaign. I would advise anybody who would like to work with a campaign to just sign up to volunteer and work really hard. A career in campaigns is all about networking. At training, they joked about us being able to throw our resumes out the window now, but it really is true. Almost everyone I’ve talked to on the campaign got the job because they had worked with someone in the past. It’s just really important to work hard and do a good job in any situation because your coworkers could look to hire you in the future.

My favorite part of my internship, and now my job, is that I feel like I’m actually making a difference. I really am committed to electing Senator Mark Warner and Norm Mosher and that makes all the work worthwhile. I really hope that my efforts will help the voter turnout in a midterm election.

Going back to Tulane, I’m excited to build off the experience that I’m having. I plan on declaring a double major in Communications, because that’s the side of campaigning that interests me the most. My goal is to work with a political communications team in my next internship. The future is still very unclear for me, but I’d love to work on another campaign in the future, even if I have to finish school first!

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