Asia Bradlee: First Post

The company I will be interning for this summer is Boston Magazine as the digital health editorial intern. Boston Magazine is Boston’s premiere magazine that features a wide array of investigative pieces, narratives, interviews, and expository features. Boston Magazine has been around for more than 40 years and has been named among the three best city magazines more than seven times by the City and Regional Magazine Association. As a city, Boston is a hub of medicine, education, music, restaurants, and finance with a unique and dynamic culture. Boston Magazine’s writers, editors, and designers provide a variety of insights and information into this vibrant city.

My role as an intern will be to write about five clips per week that will be published on the website’s health section. Additionally, I will get one or two printed articles in the magazine. There are two categories in which I’ll be writing, the national health sector and the Boston health sector. This summer is the first time Boston Magazine is launching national stories on their page so I will get to write some articles about health news and information going on throughout the country. On the other hand, I’ll also be writing strictly Boston based articles about different health news in the Boston area.

I found my internship through Boston Magazine’s website and realized that it was the perfect position for what I love to do and combined my passion for writing and health. I then interviewed with the health editor (my boss) and afterwards offered the position.

I’m extremely excited to begin this internship because it is exactly what I love to do. I hope to further my knowledge of writing, especially health writing, and also get to know my own city on a deeper level. I hope to enhance my research skills and communication skills, as contacting people and doing interviews is part of the job requirement. Lastly, I hope to make some strong networking connections and take advantage of every opportunity given to me during my internship.

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