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Anatomy Lessons at UMC – Kristine

I’m still trying to absorb and process everything from my past (and first) week at the hospital. Finally getting to meet my generous supervisor and his staff in person, I was glad to find that they were as excited to host me as I was to begin learning from them. Many doctors take this as an opportunity for them to practice the lingua franca. They teach me medical terms and procedures in exchange. This was my week in the surgery department; fortunately, I was able to see incredible operations and peak inside the astounding human body. My favorites include an operation to treat Parkinson’s in a young woman in which a machine drilled slowly and precisely into her skull and electrodes on her brain were connected to a battery in her chest, a correction of a boy’s malformed ribcage and a knee replacement (both very mechanical procedures), and the many laparoscopic surgeries UMC performs each day. Below you can see a tame picture of the knee replacement.


Besides human anatomy and pathology, I’m also discovering the problems with the Vietnamese hospital system, as told by its staff and patients. Most decent doctors and medical establishments flock to Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) because, as the cultural and economic hub of the country, it provides greater opportunities for profit. In turn, patients must come to HCMC for reliable treatment – causing hospitals in an already very crowded city to overflow way past capacity. Furthermore, proper and current equipment and sufficient supplies are lacking in many hospitals. UMC is among the most well-funded and supplied in the country, but the surgeons still wish for better instruments.

Next week I’ll be in the internal medicine department, and hopefully will continue to gain new knowledge, perspectives, and friends.

First week at teachNOLA — Hannah Ryan

Hey y’all!

This past week at teachNOLA has been very insightful, and I can’t wait for what will come next!

First off, I learned that teachNOLA and TNTP Academy are one and the same so I am interning for both organizations. TNTP used to stand for The New Teacher Project, but after awhile, it has just come to be TNTP.

The teachNOLA/TNTP Academy office is located in the CBD in New Orleans, right across from the Superdome, which is where I park! When I walked into the office, all I could think about was the television show The Office, and if my experience was going to be anything like the show. Let me tell you, my supervisor bares little to no resemblance to Michael Scott, and there aren’t quite the shenanigans in the teachNOLA office as in the Dunder Mifflin office, but I’m still enjoying it just the same! I think I have met just about everyone that works in the office, and they all seem very nice, and I look forward to interacting more with them in the future! Later on this week, there is another intern starting and I can’t wait to meet him or her, and start working with them as well.

The teachNOLA/TNTP Academy office

The teachNOLA/TNTP Academy office

At the start of the week, I was given an introduction to what teachNOLA does, and about all the necessary paperwork that must be received for all of this to be achieved. There is so many documents that come into play for teacher’s to be eligible for certification, and it is our responsibility to make sure that everyone has the necessary documents before the start of our Pre-Service Training. We use a large Google spreadsheet to compile everything, which we draw from a database and emails. I have learned that it is important to record everything, right when it happens, and that when recorded, it needs to be in the same format to make it easier to look up in the future, which can be difficult sometimes with multiple people inputting in the spreadsheet.

This is my desk at teachNOLA!

This is my desk at teachNOLA!

Most of my tasks throughout the week have been inputting information into the spreadsheet from the database, and then later on in the week I sent out 3 emails that were distributed to around 80-90 recipients, in which I then weaved through responses, responded and input more information into the spreadsheet. It is amazing how fast an inbox can fill up!

I look forward to developing my computer and communication skills, and well as learning the ins and outs of administrative tasks, through this internship. For now, most of what I will be doing will deal with the spreadsheet, but Pre-Service Training will start in a couple of weeks, and I can’t wait to see what that entails and what they will have me do next!

Until next time,


First Week at Boston Magazine / Asia Bradlee

It’s only my first week at Boston Magazine and I have already learned so much. On my first day, I arrived around 9:45. Turns out that in the journalism world, that’s early! My supervisor arrived after me and showed me around the office. Boston Magazine is located in an old greenhouse and is a beautiful, open office space that allows for easy thinking and brainstorming. After the tour, Melissa (my supervisor) , set me up with my email, wordpress account, and already had me working on pitches for articles. I spent most of that day writing and researching for story ideas and getting acquainted with the writing style of Boston Magazine.

My other two days at the office were spent doing even more writing and researching. It’s definitely been a learning curve to figure out the writing style and the website used to draft and publish articles. I’ve also been learning some photoshop to help size photos for articles. Luckily, the people I work with are extremely helpful and are always willing to answer my questions which makes the transition into this work environment much easier. One of the days this week was spent photographing acai bowls from a local juicer in order to use them for our future acai roundup article. Part of the reason I was hired for this internship is due to my combo of photography and writing that I use in my personal blog. For the acai bowls, I was the one who got to do the photography. It’s exciting to already have so much responsibility and freedom at this internship.

I can’t wait for my second week and feel confident that I’m going to learn so much from this internship. The location in Boston is perfect for exploring the city, the people are amazing, and the writing is exactly what I’m passionate about. And finally, I already got my first article published! Check it out here.

Summer in DC! Courtney Liss


I am so excited to be blogging here today and moving to Washington DC in just a few weeks to work with McBee Strategic in their Communications Consulting shop. I am going to learn so much about Washington, advocacy, and the private sector of politics by working at McBee, and it wouldn’t be possible without CELT.

I’m going home to California first, but then I’m going straight to Washington DC, where I hope I will find my new home. I’m graduating in December of this year, and I really want to be able to move to DC afterwards and work in advocacy/public affairs. I am hoping this summer will help me get a good feel for the city.

I’m so excited about this opportunity and cannot wait to learning and working this summer at McBee!

Talk to you soon,


Getting Excited to Intern with Success Academy This Summer — Audrey Preston

Before I really dive in, I wanted to mention that this is my first time blogging! I feel so adult right now – halfway done with my college degree, about to spend a summer in New York City by myself, and now I’m a blogger. Wow.


I’m so excited about this summer, and now that my finals are (finally) over, it actually seems real. This summer, I will be interning in the finance department of Success Academy Charter Schools, which is a charter school organization that operates about 30 schools in the city, educating over 9000 students. Unlike many elite schools, Success admits students based upon a lottery, to prove that anyone can succeed with the right resources. They emphasize many aspects of learning, from math to art and even to playing chess. Their holistic approach has gotten results, too: they are ranked in the top 1% in the state for math scores. Their inaugural class just entered high school, so it will be interesting to see how the future of Success pans out. To learn more, visit


I was extremely lucky to get an offer with Success, and I have been so grateful to everyone who has helped me along the way. I first heard of the opportunity through Julie Hauber, who is a Career Consultant with the Career Management Center in the business school. She has been such an incredible resource for me throughout my time at Tulane. She had forwarded me an email from Matt Jasie, who is involved in the finance department at Success. He had mentioned that they were specifically looking for women to join their team, so I decided to apply, and the rest just worked out.


I have always been intrigued by education and education policy (although I’m not very good with kids), so this is a great opportunity for me to get a first hand look at the inner workings of a charter school organization. I will be working in the finance department, so I will be performing tasks such as organizing financial information, preparing financial statements, and submitting budgets. I may also be involved in grant writing and fundraising. I won’t know my exact duties until we get the team together, so we can work with everyone’s strengths and interests, but I will definitely have real responsibility within the organization. No coffees and copies for me!


This summer, I have three main goals: develop skills, build connections, and have fun. I want to be working with the actual operations of the firm and make an impact, and I want to gain experience while I’m at it. I want to learn how to write a grant, how to raise funds effectively, and how to manage a multimillion dollar budget. I also want to become a pro at Excel and become Excel-certified. The experience that I will gain on the job will be valuable, but the connections I will make will be priceless. Ultimately, I want to work in New York’s financial district, and since the financial sector is so competitive, it is really important to build a strong network. By the end of the summer, I want to have built a strong relationship with at least one person from every firm I am interested in working for post-graduation. Finally, I want to enjoy my summer. New York is an amazing city, and I am so lucky that I get to spend two months there. I can’t wait to be living fifteen minutes away from all of the places I’ve seen in movies: Central Park, MoMA, and the Empire State Building. I know finals are over now, and I’m starting in less than three weeks, but it still seems surreal. I can’t wait!


Until next time,


Summer in the Philippines with Innovations for Poverty Action

This summer I will be interning for Innovations for Poverty Action in the Philippines. IPA is a nonprofit research organization run by a development economist from Yale University. IPA researches the effectiveness of local poverty interventions, and then publishes their results to help inform policy decisions.

I will be doing an internship in their office in Dumaguete City, where I will be researching different policy instruments, and doing field research on the effectiveness of local poverty interventions.

I am extremely excited to begin working for IPA, and to further explore the field of development economics. I hope to gain a deeper understanding of policy interventions, research, and development economics, and explore what a career in development economics would look like. I can’t wait to spend two months in the Philippines.

Preparing for a Summer in LA

On May 17th, after plenty of tears and goodbyes said to graduating seniors, I will be leaving packing up my 2006 Jeep Liberty and hitting the road for California.

I will arrive to old friends and family, people that knew me when I was 2, welcoming me to the land of celebrities and not enough water- the place that will become my home for the next three months. I was fortunate to receive an Internship with Sheila Guthrie, the former VP of casting for CBS television. I will be working with her, exploring my new (old) neighborhood, and eating in-an-out burger all summer long… and I can’t wait!

My internship this summer (or as the plan thus far suggests) will include a lot of time in the office sorting through head shots/resumes, making calls to actors and agencies as well as going with Sheila on auditions. On auditions I will serve as the reader, which is the person that reads the other lines of a scene with the auditioning actor.

This internship is going to help me immensely with my career goals as I move forward. I hope, someday to be a film/television actress or be involved in the field in some way. With this internship I will meet a lot of professionals- including actors, producers, and casting directors, which will help me to create a solid network for when I move back to California after college (considering all goes well!). I also will be working from behind the casting table, which will serve to give me lots of insight/perspective on what a good audition/headshot/resume looks like.

As I reference earlier, I am originally from LA though I grew up in Virginia. This internship is also a wonderful opportunity for me to explore my roots and reconnect with old family & friends who knew me way back when.

I am soo very excited for this opportunity! And I am so grateful to CELT who has been so generous and supportive throughout the process- this wouldn’t be possible without the scholarship!

Wish me luck and safe driving!

Prepping for my work with the Nature Conservancy this summer

When I return from traveling this summer I’ll be interning at the Nature Conservancy (TNC) in Washington. TNC is a non-profit organization that works all over the world with the mission “to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends”. The organization does all sorts of conservation work in order to protect our planet. This summer TNC is launching a competition called “Washington Coast Works” in order to diversify coastal economies through developing small businesses and ultimately boost economic development and sustainable communities on the coast.

My internship this summer will revolve around working with this competition and helping to connect the business and environmental aspects of the project. I’ll be working with one of the leaders at TNC, as well as someone at the Pinochet Center for Inclusive Entrepreneurship. I think that it will be great working on this specific project because I’ll get to work with it from the beginning to the end.

I found and secured the internship by emailing a woman at the Nature Conservancy that my dad has worked closely with in the past. She connected me to Eric Devlin who was the one who secured me the internship. I found that I had more success with my internship hunt when I directly contacted people, rather than just applied for ones that I found online.

I hope to gain a lot of work experience through the internship this summer. I work two jobs right now, and I’ve had jobs in the past, but this will be by far the most professional work that I’ve ever had experience with. I think that I’ll learn a lot by working with such a big organization, and by seeing how a project is put together. It will be interesting to work with people in a more formal way than what I’m usually used to as well.

Summer in New Orleans with Fund 17

This summer, I will work as a summer intern for a Fund 17, which is a non-profit started by Tulane senior, Haley Burns. Fund 17 provides financial opportunity and education to small business owners in New Orleans, and helps them gain the skills to be successful in today’s economy. The Financial Empowerment, Community Outreach, and Business Development teams make up the Organization. I am on the Community Outreach team as a Client Relationship Specialist. I will be the liaison between the Financial Empowerment and Business Development teams. My job is to be working for our clients, who receive financial advising and apply for micro loans.

I learned about this internship at the beginning of this semester and interviewed with Haley to intern during the school year. She said that we could stay and work during the summer, and I was immediately interested. This summer I hope to get in touch with New Orleans beyond Uptown, improve my research and writing skills, and learn more about related career options.