Summer in New Orleans with Fund 17

This summer, I will work as a summer intern for a Fund 17, which is a non-profit started by Tulane senior, Haley Burns. Fund 17 provides financial opportunity and education to small business owners in New Orleans, and helps them gain the skills to be successful in today’s economy. The Financial Empowerment, Community Outreach, and Business Development teams make up the Organization. I am on the Community Outreach team as a Client Relationship Specialist. I will be the liaison between the Financial Empowerment and Business Development teams. My job is to be working for our clients, who receive financial advising and apply for micro loans.

I learned about this internship at the beginning of this semester and interviewed with Haley to intern during the school year. She said that we could stay and work during the summer, and I was immediately interested. This summer I hope to get in touch with New Orleans beyond Uptown, improve my research and writing skills, and learn more about related career options.

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