Prepping for my work with the Nature Conservancy this summer

When I return from traveling this summer I’ll be interning at the Nature Conservancy (TNC) in Washington. TNC is a non-profit organization that works all over the world with the mission “to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends”. The organization does all sorts of conservation work in order to protect our planet. This summer TNC is launching a competition called “Washington Coast Works” in order to diversify coastal economies through developing small businesses and ultimately boost economic development and sustainable communities on the coast.

My internship this summer will revolve around working with this competition and helping to connect the business and environmental aspects of the project. I’ll be working with one of the leaders at TNC, as well as someone at the Pinochet Center for Inclusive Entrepreneurship. I think that it will be great working on this specific project because I’ll get to work with it from the beginning to the end.

I found and secured the internship by emailing a woman at the Nature Conservancy that my dad has worked closely with in the past. She connected me to Eric Devlin who was the one who secured me the internship. I found that I had more success with my internship hunt when I directly contacted people, rather than just applied for ones that I found online.

I hope to gain a lot of work experience through the internship this summer. I work two jobs right now, and I’ve had jobs in the past, but this will be by far the most professional work that I’ve ever had experience with. I think that I’ll learn a lot by working with such a big organization, and by seeing how a project is put together. It will be interesting to work with people in a more formal way than what I’m usually used to as well.

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