Preparing for a Summer in LA

On May 17th, after plenty of tears and goodbyes said to graduating seniors, I will be leaving packing up my 2006 Jeep Liberty and hitting the road for California.

I will arrive to old friends and family, people that knew me when I was 2, welcoming me to the land of celebrities and not enough water- the place that will become my home for the next three months. I was fortunate to receive an Internship with Sheila Guthrie, the former VP of casting for CBS television. I will be working with her, exploring my new (old) neighborhood, and eating in-an-out burger all summer long… and I can’t wait!

My internship this summer (or as the plan thus far suggests) will include a lot of time in the office sorting through head shots/resumes, making calls to actors and agencies as well as going with Sheila on auditions. On auditions I will serve as the reader, which is the person that reads the other lines of a scene with the auditioning actor.

This internship is going to help me immensely with my career goals as I move forward. I hope, someday to be a film/television actress or be involved in the field in some way. With this internship I will meet a lot of professionals- including actors, producers, and casting directors, which will help me to create a solid network for when I move back to California after college (considering all goes well!). I also will be working from behind the casting table, which will serve to give me lots of insight/perspective on what a good audition/headshot/resume looks like.

As I reference earlier, I am originally from LA though I grew up in Virginia. This internship is also a wonderful opportunity for me to explore my roots and reconnect with old family & friends who knew me way back when.

I am soo very excited for this opportunity! And I am so grateful to CELT who has been so generous and supportive throughout the process- this wouldn’t be possible without the scholarship!

Wish me luck and safe driving!

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