First Week at Boston Magazine / Asia Bradlee

It’s only my first week at Boston Magazine and I have already learned so much. On my first day, I arrived around 9:45. Turns out that in the journalism world, that’s early! My supervisor arrived after me and showed me around the office. Boston Magazine is located in an old greenhouse and is a beautiful, open office space that allows for easy thinking and brainstorming. After the tour, Melissa (my supervisor) , set me up with my email, wordpress account, and already had me working on pitches for articles. I spent most of that day writing and researching for story ideas and getting acquainted with the writing style of Boston Magazine.

My other two days at the office were spent doing even more writing and researching. It’s definitely been a learning curve to figure out the writing style and the website used to draft and publish articles. I’ve also been learning some photoshop to help size photos for articles. Luckily, the people I work with are extremely helpful and are always willing to answer my questions which makes the transition into this work environment much easier. One of the days this week was spent photographing acai bowls from a local juicer in order to use them for our future acai roundup article. Part of the reason I was hired for this internship is due to my combo of photography and writing that I use in my personal blog. For the acai bowls, I was the one who got to do the photography. It’s exciting to already have so much responsibility and freedom at this internship.

I can’t wait for my second week and feel confident that I’m going to learn so much from this internship. The location in Boston is perfect for exploring the city, the people are amazing, and the writing is exactly what I’m passionate about. And finally, I already got my first article published! Check it out here.

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