1 month down with teachNOLA, 1 to go! -Hannah Ryan

Hey y’all!

This past month at teachNOLA/TNTP has been great! We are in full swing of Pre-Service Training (PST) for this years teachNOLA fellows so it is definitely exciting each day. PST occurs at a local charter school in New Orleans East so it has also been a change of scenery. With the start of PST, my duties have shifted a bit. Instead of solely working on collecting fellows paperwork from the database, I am now getting to talk with the fellows one-on-one with regards to their paperwork and progress. Along with that, I am getting to see the process of what teachNOLA really does, and just how much work gets put in from both the staff and the fellows. Oh, and I also got to make some posters for PST!

Big Goal poster at PST site

Big Goal poster at PST site

Mainly, what I have been doing as the Operation Intern is all focused on getting the fellows licensed. For the current cohort, I am collecting their transcripts and Praxis scores and compiling them for each person so that when it comes time for them to apply for their practitioners license, everything will be in order. The Department of Education has certain standards with which everything has to be submitted, so we have to make sure that everything that gets turned into us will pass with the DOE. A new task that I have been working on is processing past year’s fellows practitioner license renewals or their level 1 license applications. I’ve found that it is important to follow the right process and procedure each time, especially since the fellows licenses rely on the correct completion of all the paperwork.

Waiting to meet with fellows to discuss transcript and Praxis score requirements.

Waiting to meet with fellows to discuss transcript and Praxis score requirements.

I am definitely feeling more confident in each of the tasks that I am assigned, and am having to ask less questions. I think I am making progress on my communication skills, and feel more confident composing professional emails. Although comfort isn’t necessarily a measure of progress, but it is amazing how much more you can get done when you aren’t constantly worried about doing something incorrectly. I am most proud of the fact that I am becoming a more independent worker in the office, as a result of a gain in knowledge. I come into the office in the morning, and usually have an idea of what I need to do each day. I think throughout this internship my communication skills will continue to grow, as well as administrative skills. Because I plan on getting a masters degree in Health Administration, I think these skills will prove important both in the classroom and on the work force.

I can’t wait to see what the next month has in store with teachNOLA/TNTP!

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