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Hi! I’m about a month into my internship with the Nature Conservancy and have about a month left to go. Most of my work up to this point has revolved around preparing for the Washington coast Works Sustainable Small Business Competition boot camp that will take place at the end of this month. I’ve been doing a lot of the coordinating with the conference center that we will be at as well as making sure the materials are available to the participants.


First off, I am definitely working on all of my learning objectives. I have learned a lot about coordinating and planning events, as well as making sure all the little details are taken care of. I have been engaging with the other people in my office, as well as my internship supervisor. Two of my learning objectives will take place during the boot camp because I’ll be listening in to all the information about creating sustainable small businesses and learning more about environmental organizations. For all of these things I am monitoring my growth through a workplan that my boss and I created that lists all the tasks that we have accomplished, as well as everything that has yet to be done.


Right now I am most proud of learning how to do all these tasks on my own. I feel like I have grown a lot through my internship and think that a lot of the skills that I have learned will carry on to future jobs. I also am excited for the boot camp because there I will have the opportunity to learn a lot more about small businesses.


All of the skills that I am learning will be transferable. First, after the boot camp I will have learned a lot that can be applied to the things that I learn in economics. I hope to write some sort of paper at some point about the positive effects of creating small local businesses in rural communities as opposed to big industries. I also am gaining more information of where I’d like to be in the future. I picked two broad degrees of study in order to give myself as many options as possible. I would like to continue to work with rural communities in an economics sense.


I’ve also added some photos of the building that I work in.


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