Bye for now, DC!

Hey y’all! I’m checking in for the last time here on this blog. Now that I’m back at Tulane and I’ve had some time to process my experience at McBee, let me tell you some of the lessons I learned.

If you work really hard at a good company, people will notice! During my time at McBee, all of the interns worked pretty hard, but it was worth it since the bosses noticed and gave us cool, interesting assignments whenever they could. People started to notice that I got stuff done and I got to work on some really neat projects, like briefing the executive team on a business development account’s history.

2) Make an effort to learn from the people you work with! The people you’re working with are already doing the job you want to be doing. Take the time to get lunch with them- and when you do, make sure you have some questions you’d like to ask them. I learned so much from my coworkers from doing just this- just make sure you look them up on LinkedIn first!

3) An internship can be a great opportunity to get a feel for a field- if you take all possible opportunities. When people ask you to do something, do it! They probably did it when they were in your position, and paying your dues is important. The more you do the “boring” work, the more you get interesting assignments. I may have spent an afternoon taking Ubers all over to get a couple of hats, but it meant I got to learn about an account I didn’t know a lot about!

I loved DC, and I really hope I can go back soon! I’m not sure where I’ll end up after this semester (my last at Tulane), but I know the lessons I learned and the skills I took with me will help me figure that out.

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